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Age 4.5 to 7 years old - Beginner Level 

We have a strong curriculum for a younger generation.


From Monday to Saturday, there will be classes running. 

For young children below age 7, your child will have 30 minutes piano lesson with one of our musically well trained and caring piano teachers.  Our professional team will work together to help each of your children progress week by week, making sure each lesson is fun and productive for our young children to follow. 

In less than a year time, your child will complete 3 books that cover beginner level and will be able to play in front of their families and friends often during the year. 



Age 8 and above - Accelerated Beginner Level 

If your child is older than 8 and has shown a strong will to learn piano, that's awesome! 

We have numbers of experienced piano teachers to boost their speed in learning piano. According to each student's interest, our amazing piano teacher will encourage your child to learn his/her favourite popular song or movie theme song within just a few weeks time. Along with their lesson book, they will always learn music theory at the end of their lesson for a better understanding of music.  

Piano Lesson for Adults  - Beginner & Intermeidate  Level   

We welcome Adult students – from university students, full-time/part-time workers to parents and grandparents!

Most of our teachers have experienced and still enjoys teaching adult students as we met very passionate adult students who wished to learn piano for so long time.  

If you can bring one of your friends or family members, we can create 2:1 class for you, so you can support each other and enjoy learning lesson songs as well as duet songs to exchange part with.

We use a lesson book specially made for adult beginners. 

1 to 1 Individual lesson - Advanced Level    

We recommend 1-on-1 45 mins or 1-hour individual lesson the most suitable for advanced level students, especially for those who are willing to prepare the music exams (ABRSM or Trinity) and would like to develop their piano techniques and building broader repertories. 

Composition/ Songwriting Lessons 
Theory Lesson/ Aural Training/Accompaniment   

Enquire now for individual or pair theory lessons - from Grade 1 to 5 for exam purposes. 

Need extra help in developing your listening and singing skills? Enquire now for aural training from Grade 1 to 8 for exam purposes. 

Need an experienced accompanist? Enquire now for an accompaniment package at an affordable price. We have a number of piano teachers who are capable of playing accompaniment to support various instrumentalists. 

Holiday music workshops/ Charity concert/ End of year Student concert/
Casual rest home visit & performance  

There will be a variety of fun workshops running during school term break, as well as a Charity concert in the middle of the year and a Student concert at the end of a year. For those who are willing to share their gift in music for elderly people, we will organise one together and visit near rest homes to have solo/group performance. They will really enjoy and love your music! 

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