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Cherry Music Studio Team

Interactive. Friendly. Passionate.

Cherry Music Studio offers friendly and highly trained music teachers who prioritize student-teacher relationships and cater to the individual needs of each student, all while sharing their passion for music education.

Ana Jeon 


Elizabeth Yik 

  • Trinity College London Grade 7 endorsed with Distinction 2014

  • Trinity College London Grade 8 endorsed with Merit 2015

  • Trinity College London Diploma ATCL endorsed with Distinction 2018 

  • NZQA Scholarship in Music 2019 (Outstanding)

  • NZQA Scholarship in Music 2020

  • Massey High School Arts Prefect 2020

  • Currently Studying as a Third year student in BMus at University of Auckland 

  • ( Bachelor of Music, Classical Performance Piano)


    Ana is currently in her Third Year studying Bachelor of Music majoring in Classical Performance Piano in the University of Auckland. She has played the Piano since the age of eight years old, she has competed in many different Piano competitions since she began Piano until recent years. Ana has developed her knowledge and years of Classical Piano training into learning Jazz, Gospel, Contemporary music and singer-songwriting. This later helped her to produce and write her own music and is releasing music on streaming platforms. Ana was the Arts Prefect for her High School attaining an Outstanding scholarship in NZQA Music in Year 12 and Year 13. She has many experiences of performing on stage and competing in different competitions.  Ana has prior experience in teaching young students from beginning stages to intermediate level, individually and also in groups. Ana values the attitude to learn as a teacher and as a musician, having fun and giving students a core motivation to endure their walk as a musician or to support their journey in music!

Ideal Teacher for:​​

  • Beginner students of any age wanting to learn the piano

  • Intermediate or Advanced students who have a love for music and the instrument

  • Students wanting to participate in beginner-graded exams

  • Students who want to play Piano as a Hobby

  • ABRSM Grade 8 Piano (1987) & Grade 6 Music Theory (1985)

  • Yamaha Electon Organ Grade 6

  • LCM Jazz Graded Syllabus teaching Grade 1-5

  • Specializes in Christian Music & Worship Training

  • Music Director / Pastor - Vision Life Centre Auckland

  • Former Judge for Piano / Singing / Children Talents Competitions (Malaysia)

  • BTheol (Hons.) - Bible College of Malaysia

  • BCom - University of Canterbury Christchurch

   Starting her musical journey at the age of six, Elizabeth progressed promisingly as a young musician. During her early teen years, she performed on piano, organ and violin at concerts, recitals, musical plays, charity events, Malaysian National TV and National Radio Station. She has experiences in accompanying vocalists, instrumental soloists and choirs. Elizabeth first taught piano at the age of twelve and dedicated her life in music education upon completing her university. She coaches young children to adult learners piano, keyboard, music theory, and conducts aural training, music appreciation and church worship training. Many of Elizabeth's students established a lifelong relationship bonding with her.


   With 20 years of teaching experiences at an awards-winning and distinguished Music Academy in Malaysia before moving to New Zealand in 2019, Elizabeth believes that musical instructions should be tailored and adapted to suit students' age, interest, need and potential, at a pace and in a learning style that will help them learn more effectively. Her teaching goal is to enrich students' lives with love and understanding of music through their musical journeys. Although mastering an instrument requires time investment and hard-works, the process should also be fun, adventurous, fulfilling and rewarding. Helping her students succeed in their musical endeavour and seeing their growth in life is her greatest joy of teaching!

Ideal Teacher for:

  • Beginners to advanced learners

  • Students preparing for exams - piano practical and music theory

  • Students who wish to develop or improve their piano/keyboard skills

  • Students who wish to learn improvisation, chord progression, accompaniment technique and enjoy playing their favourite genres

  • Church musicians desiring to improve their musicianship skills & worship techniques

Jono picture.jpg

Jono Stewart 

  • Studying Bachelor of Popular Music at the University of Auckland

  • Trinity College of Music Grade 8 Singing - 2014

  • Trinity College of Music Grade 5 Theory - 2011

  • Smokefree Rockquest 2018 National Finalist

  • Smokefree Rockquest 2017 Highly Commended Solo/Duo

      Jono has been singing since age 6 and playing piano shortly after this. He is also a competent guitar and ukulele player. He is currently studying Popular Music at the University of Auckland, alongside Law. 


     He started out his musical journey singing in the Christchurch Cathedral Choir, where he learned musical theory, singing, and piano. Shortly thereafter, Jono completed his Grade 8 singing. 

He then took a popular music approach and started writing songs as this is what excited him more. Over his high school years, Jono wrote dozens of songs, played in a band that won the Smokefree Rockquest Canterbury regional finals, as well as a duo, which now has over 230 thousand hits on Spotify. Jono taught songwriting in the school’s band programme, which he found a passion for. 


    Jono teaches songwriting, including piano, guitar, voice, and ukulele. He is a down-to-earth young musician, who works well with both children and adults and can craft a fun learning environment. 

Ideal teacher for: 

  • Beginner to advanced songwriters of all ages. 

  • Those looking to compete in Smokefree Rockquest or Rockshop Band Quest.

  • Students who are studying/preparing to study music in high school or University.

Kelly Kim


  • ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory (2015) 

  • ABRSM Grade 8 Piano (2016)

  • Trinity Performance Diploma ATCL (2022)

  • AUT - Primary Teaching (The third year 2023)


  Kelly is a Korean teacher who started to learn piano when she was 8 years old. During her early teen years, she performed piano at church festivals and also volunteered to play piano for her church worship team. She has many experiences playing piano for other people as she also used to be a piano teacher for her friends. Kyungmin is studying her third year in AUT Primary teaching so she also has the ability to get along well with the students. She likes working with children and helping with their piano learning. Kyungmin has also achieved the Trinity Performance Diploma in 2022. 


Ideal Teacher for:

  • Piano beginners and primary level students (young children) & (adult beginners)

  • Students who want to get to know piano 

  • Piano students who want to play piano as their hobby

Minrui Yang

Minrui Yang Profile.png
  • ABRSM Grade 8 Piano Performance

  • ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory

  • Duo First-Cup in Piano Forte (NSPAF)

  • BFA(Hons.) University of Auckland

  • BA University of Auckland

  • TEFL-TP Certificate in Teaching 


    Minrui began playing the keyboard at the age of 5 and later transitioned to the piano at 7. She was taught by Wenli Ma and participated in several Auckland competitions in her teenage years. She won various cups in the North Shore Performing Arts Festivals and passed ABRSM Grade 8 with distinction.

    She has served as a pianist for over 15 years in several local churches and was previously appointed the Music Director at Somervell Presbyterian Church.

    Minrui also has orchestral experience since high school and participated in the annual KBB festivals. She currently plays the viola in hopes of being more involved in an orchestral community.

Minrui has taught piano since 2017 and has taught at multiple primary schools across Auckland, from ages 5 to teenage and adult years. She can teach in both English and Mandarin.

She treats each student with care and patience and develops a personal understanding of their individual needs.

    Minrui is very passionate about sharing her love of classical music and is always on the lookout to encourage children to play to the best of their abilities.


Ideal Teacher for:

  • Complete beginners on the Piano

  • Students who wish to learn piano in Mandarin

  • Students who wish to participate in graded exams

  • Students with a keen interest in Classical and Baroque music

Anria Breytenbach

Anria Breytenbach.jpg
  • Anria has studied BEng - Electronic Engineering at the University of Pretoria and completed her MSc in Electronic Engineering at the University of cape Town

  • Anria has completed her Grade 8 music (Piano) with Distinction from UNISA (University of South Africa) and Grade 6 music theory also from UNISA


    Anria recently moved to New Zealand from South Africa and is very passionate about music – both playing and teaching the piano.

   Anria has been playing the piano since she was 5 years old and has over 11 years of teaching experience. She also has 20 years’ experience as Musical Director at several churches, leading the ensembles and bands and being responsible for all arrangements. She also has over 20 years of experience in piano accompaniment. Instilling the love for music in children is a passion of Anria, and she strongly believes that music should always be fun and that the art of making music is a gift that should be nurtured.


Ideal Teacher for:

  • Beginner students of any age wanting to learn the piano

  • Intermediate or Advanced students who have a love for music and the instrument

  • Students that do not only want to focus on classical music but also want to learn to play from chord charts and by ear

Zoe Guan

  • Studying Bachelor of Music/BA at University of Auckland 

  • ABRSM Theory Grade 5 2014

  • ABRSM Violin Grade 6 2016 

  • ABRSM Violin Grade 8 2018 

  • Suzuki Teacher Observation Course

  • Pacific International Music Competition 2020 - 2nd place 

  • District Finals NZCT “Beef Noodle Soup” – 2023

  • STCC O’Brien Cup for Dedication towards the Performing Arts - 2023


       Zoe is currently in her first year at the University of Auckland, pursuing a conjoint in BMus majoring in classical violin performance, and a BA majoring in Criminology and Sociology. Music has been the focal point of her life for as long as she can remember, spanning over a decade of singing, ten years of classical violin, six years of piano and a recent exploration into more contemporary music through the guitar. During her final year of high school, Zoe engaged in a diverse array of music groups – serving as the associate concertmaster in two orchestras, section leader in her high school choir "Saints Alive," performing within her chamber group "Beef Noodle Soup," and actively participating in various arts events, including playing within the orchestra for her high school musical and creating basic scores to accompany an NCEA drama play and Shakespeare scene. 


      Because of her extensive commitment to her musical endeavours, she has plentiful experience within ensembles as well as solo playing. Beyond local gigs, music has been a pathway to unique experiences for Zoe; in 2018, she was part of a small ensemble of young artists who represented New Zealand in an international music festival held in China, an experience that further ignited her passion for music and strengthened her commitment to sharing her love for it with younger students. Zoe has prior experience teaching young students of various skill levels and is comfortable teaching in both English and Mandarin. 

Ideal Teacher for:​​

  • Beginner-Intermediate level violin students of any age 

  • Students who speak Mandarin

  • Students who wish to learn the Suzuki curriculum

  • Students who want to play ‘fun’ pieces by ear

Sumi Kwak

  • Bachelor of Music Teaching – Jeonbuk National University (1998) 

  • Bachelor of Music Therapy – SookMyung Women’s University (2004) 

  • Bachelor of Music (Major in Violin)- KangNung National University (2012) 

  • Bachelor of Theology – Alphacrusis College in NZ, (2002) 


    Sumi has studied Bachelor of Music Teaching, Violin, Singing, Piano, and Music Therapy in South Korea. 
Sumi has extensive experience teaching children at her private music academy in South Korea for over 20 years, from beginner level to college students who want to major in music at the University. 
    Sumi loves sharing her love of music with children, and she taught numerous students who want to learn how to play the violin, piano, or vocal. Since coming to Auckland in 2013, she has tutored musical instruments in Newmarket and guided many students to enjoy their musical path.  
Along with her music teaching career, Sumi has also studied Bachelor of Theology to serve youth people at the church. Sumi is now a Youth pastor and keyboard player at the Victory Church. 
   Sumi always looks forward to making the harmony of love with anyone having a music lesson with her. 

Ideal Teacher for:​​

  •  Beginner-intermediate level students of any age wanting to learn the piano 

  • Beginner- Advanced level students of any age wanting to learn the violin 

  • For anyone interested in Singing, especially in breathing and vocalization techniques. 

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